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  • Are We Componentized Yet? Mark II

    Last year, I made a small dashboard to track the implementation status of the various specifications, polyfills and implementations that make up web components. I named it “Are We Componentized Yet?“, inspired by Mozilla’s various sites called some formation of are-we-x-yet, hosted it on GitHub, and forwarded the URL to some people working on the […]

  • Web Platform Tidbits June 2013

    Some things that have caught my eye over the past weeks: ECMAScript 6 Compatibility Table (via Sylvain Galineau on Twitter) A big matrix of all the features in the draft ES6 spec, and their implementation status in various browsers and JavaScript runtimes. Right now it’s a sea of red, but there’s hopeful signs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, […]

  • Good and Bad Podcasts, Nuance, and Rejecting Prescriptivism

    Good and Bad Podcasts, Nuance, and Rejecting Prescriptivism

    I’m not a fan of podcasts, on the whole, particularly the ones that I’ve listened to that focus on coding and developer culture. For a long time, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that put me off them, and I just figured podcasts weren’t for me. However, in the past year, I’ve […]