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  • Technology Prognosticism 2014 Edition

    Early January is the time when, like everyone else, I like to imagine that the western cultural method of dividing time into years based on an arbitrary marker is meaningful enough to talk about them as discrete units, wherein trends and events can be seen as belonging to a particular year, giving it a particular […]

  • Polyfills have a PR problem

    A recent Twitter discussion with an old colleague pointed to a problem the Extensible Web may have gaining traction, which is the bad reputation that polyfills have with some experienced front-end developers. They are seen as memory and CPU hogs, applied without much thought as an easy way of getting around a problem that could […]

  • Web Platform Tidbits #2

    I should think of a better name for these posts. DirectWrite coming to Chrome One of the most longstanding complaints about Chrome on Windows is the poor quality with which it renders some fonts in comparison with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The reason is that the latter browsers use Window’s newer DirectWrite API to render […]