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  • Windows 10

    Last week, I deleted the Windows 8.1 bootcamp partition off my MacBook. Not so long ago, I was running Windows 7 are my primary OS on my old MacBook Pro. Then I upgraded to a retina machine and installed Windows 8. The horrible desktop experience and inability to handle a mix of high and low DPI […]

  • How I Met Your Mother’s Corpse

    How I Met Your Mother’s Corpse

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Warning: This post also contains me taking a mediocre TV show far, far too seriously, and writing way more about it than is sensible or healthy. I thought I was done being affected by sitcoms. I still enjoy them, but I’ve not […]

  • Facebookulus Rift

    Facebookulus Rift

    I was as surprised by Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, and so was everybody else, it seems. That somebody bought them isn’t a surprise, especially with Sony stepping up its competitive consumer VR efforts, but Facebook probably wasn’t anybody’s most expected suitor. They weren’t anybody’s favoured suitor either, judging by the apoplectic reaction to  the announcement […]