Are We Componentized Yet? Mark II

Last year, I made a small dashboard to track the implementation status of the various specifications, polyfills and implementations that make up web components. I named it “Are We Componentized Yet?“, inspired by Mozilla’s various sites called some formation of are-we-x-yet, hosted it on GitHub, and forwarded the URL to some people working on the web components specs. I suggested that it, or something similar could help people to keep track of where the myriad moving parts of the web components effort. It was positively received, and I think it may have provided some inspiration behind the creation of the Chromium Feature Dashboard, which attempts to do something similar, except across every upcoming feature in the web platform!

After creating Are We Componentized Yet, I’m afraid I rather neglected it for a while. I did have some excuse though, as I was travelling around the Australian outback for a few months. Now I’m back in the UK, I had a bit of a push to update it from Paul Irish and Eric Bidelman, who pointed out that the utter lack of SEO made it virtually unfindable in search engines, and it was also missing some stuff like links to the new HTML Imports spec. I decided it was long overdue for a complete overhaul, particularly the extremely sucky design, so I’ve given it a complete refresh, with a lot more content, up-to-date information and a (hopefully) more attractive UI. Take a look:

It’s still far from perfect though. I was never entirely pleased with the presentation of the data in the table. I originally envisaged it as a series of status bars, filling in from the left towards completion, but it doesn’t quite work. I had to add in a yellow, intermediary colour to deal with items that had been started, but not yet finished, and it doesn’t make much sense to say something is “behind a flag” when it’s been released. None of that is fixed in the this new revision, but I have some ideas, and I hope to tackle that next. I also want to make it easy to see the implementation status in different browsers, so I hope to add in some kind of switch for that. Hopefully it won’t take me a year this time.






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