Yikes, that’s a fair while without an update. I had a long period of crazy working hours, but hopefully that’s coming to an end now, and I’ll have more time to spend on personal stuff like this site. Or maybe I’ll just spend it all playing Counter-Strike Source. Such a dumb game, but I am perversely addicted to it. I’ve been playing around with JavaScript / DHTML lately have produced a couple of demos/experiements: Cloudy Daze and Zooming Form Fields. Nothing revolutionary, but they’re helping to get me into the JS mindset. I also purchased a copy of Fireworks recently, so I’ll be getting back into design and attempting to create a bespoke WordPress theme for this blog. I have a bunch of iStockphoto credits to use up before the end of the year, so anticipate it being stockphototastic. That is a real word.






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