Author: Jon

  • Windows 10

    Last week, I deleted the Windows 8.1 bootcamp partition off my MacBook. Not so long ago, I was running Windows 7 are my primary OS on my old MacBook Pro. Then I upgraded to a retina machine and installed Windows 8. The horrible desktop experience and inability to handle a mix of high and low DPI […]

  • Into the Wookies

    Into the Wookies

    I’m currently reading Into the Woods by John Yorke, a treatise on storytelling  and story structure, by an author with extensive experience writing for British TV. It’s a well written and interesting book, one which gives you plenty of food for thought, even if you find yourself questioning the author’s theories. I encountered one such moment early […]

  • How I Met Your Mother’s Corpse

    How I Met Your Mother’s Corpse

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Warning: This post also contains me taking a mediocre TV show far, far too seriously, and writing way more about it than is sensible or healthy. I thought I was done being affected by sitcoms. I still enjoy them, but I’ve not […]