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Some webby news that has caught my eyez…

  • Chris Wilson, former IE tech big-cheese, current Google TV wrangler, and all round good egg, has dropped a pretty big hint that his work will be moving an altogether browsery direction once his presumed non-compete with his former employee expires.

    While bantering via Twitter with former IE team member Sylvain Galineau, he had the following to say:


    If he does move over to work on Google Chrome, it’ll be interesting to see if he resumes any standards groups activity, as he had pretty much withdrawn from that in his last days at Microsoft.

  • Peter Beverloo, aka the Chromium Infosphere, tweeted to complain that Adobe and Ericsson had not yet upstreamed the code from their modified Webkit prototypes, only to undercut himself a few hours later by pointing out that Adobe had in fact just released the source to their Webkit modification and also announced they intended to merge their work back into the main Webkit repo.

    I’ve not really followed the discussions of Adobe’s CSS3 regions proposal that closely, I’ve been more interested in Microsoft’s Grid Alignment proposal. From what I’ve picked it up it seems very powerful, albeit complicated to work with. I kind of suspect that is the point though. Adobe’s best bet in an open-web dominated world is as a tools vendor, making software to produce fancy, magazine style content. But you can’t easily make good authoring tools when the capabilities of browsers don’t support complex layouts. So Adobe apparently decided to take matters into their own hands and improve the state of things themselves.






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