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  • Web Platform Tidbits #2

    I should think of a better name for these posts. DirectWrite coming to Chrome One of the most longstanding complaints about Chrome on Windows is the poor quality with which it renders some fonts in comparison with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The reason is that the latter browsers use Window’s newer DirectWrite API to render […]

  • Are We Componentized Yet? Mark II

    Last year, I made a small dashboard to track the implementation status of the various specifications, polyfills and implementations that make up web components. I named it “Are We Componentized Yet?“, inspired by Mozilla’s various sites called some formation of are-we-x-yet, hosted it on GitHub, and forwarded the URL to some people working on the […]

  • Web Platform Tidbits June 2013

    Some things that have caught my eye over the past weeks: ECMAScript 6 Compatibility Table (via Sylvain Galineau on Twitter) A big matrix of all the features in the draft ES6 spec, and their implementation status in various browsers and JavaScript runtimes. Right now it’s a sea of red, but there’s hopeful signs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, […]

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