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  • Facebookulus Rift

    Facebookulus Rift

    I was as surprised by Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, and so was everybody else, it seems. That somebody bought them isn’t a surprise, especially with Sony stepping up its competitive consumer VR efforts, but Facebook probably wasn’t anybody’s most expected suitor. They weren’t anybody’s favoured suitor either, judging by the apoplectic reaction to  the announcement […]

  • Innovation vs execution, and the myth of the big idea

    Google’s recent acquisition of Nest for $3.2bn has raised some eyebrows, with some people questioning whether the valuation is sensible, and questioning how innovative Nest’s products really are. One comment I read claimed they did nothing that hadn’t been thought up years ago. In terms of the valuation, it is a high figure, and perhaps […]

  • Technology Prognosticism 2014 Edition

    Early January is the time when, like everyone else, I like to imagine that the western cultural method of dividing time into years based on an arbitrary marker is meaningful enough to talk about them as discrete units, wherein trends and events can be seen as belonging to a particular year, giving it a particular […]

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