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  • Embedded Tweets, rate limits, and the oEmbed API

    This is going to be a little winding, but bear with me; I’m thinking out loud here. In version 3.4, WordPress added a feature whereby Twitter URLs that are entered as plain text into a post are automatically converted to an embedded tweet. Apparently this has been a feature on hosted blogs for a […]

  • Interesting Web Platform Bugs

    This is mainly for my own purposes, so I don’t have to hunt through Bugzilla and Peter Beverloo’s blog to find the one I’m looking for. Feature Webkit Rev. landed Firefox Rev. landed Notes Line Grid 76197 105176 N/A N/A Kyoto Proposal New Flexbox 62048 N/A 666041 N/A   Grid Layout 60731 N/A 616605 N/A […]

  • I wanted to sign in to Flickr using my Facebook account…

    …and this is what Yahoo demanded in order to connect the accounts. I mean, just look at that shit. Words fail me.