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Lets All Play Doom

As part of my commitment to actually get some content on this site, I’ve been going through my archives of material and old hard-disk contents to find anything worth salvaging. For the most part it’s a parade of embarrassing E/N sites, fragmented IRC logs and stupid animated gifs. I did find something I thought was quite fun though, it’s the spoof article I wrote way back for a (fictional) site called LetsAllPlayDoom.com. I think I created it in around 2000, shortly after Doom 3 had been announced by Id Software. The premise was that it was an article from the future, March 2005 to be precise, by a Doom 3 fansite, investigating the rumours of a predecessor game.

letsallplaydoom.com: Doom – A Retrospective Glance

Reading it back, it’s a bit hit or miss, but better than most stuff I wrote back then (and probably nowadays as well). It feels a little curtailed, I never really exploited the idea properly as there’s very little that actually focuses on Doom’s gameplay itself, instead most of the article is about the history of Id and a rather labored pun on the word “prodigy”. I did get to use a joke about the “burn all gifs” campaign turning militant in a too-literal fashion, which I’d been saving for a while and I still think is quite an amusing image.

Fun bonus fact: Some time later I considered writing a much expanded version of this article as a spoof of the book Masters of Doom, to be called “Barons of Hell: How a Couple of Nerds Got Rich and Bought Some Fast Cars”. It was to feature copious Romero trolling. I wrote a few pages, but decided to put it on hold until I actually got a copy of Masters of Doom to read through. In the end, I never did though. Fascinating, eh?